Our Janitorial crews remove trash, vacuum, dust, disinfect restrooms, clean kitchens and restock all dispensers.

green Janitorial

Our cleaning crews use Green Seal certified products. Go to www.greenseal.org for more info on these products.


Window Washing

Our window washing crews specialize in window washing, power washing, and hard water deposit removal.



Our floor crews are dedicated to carpet shampooing (bonnet & extraction) and resilient flooring (washing , stripping, waxing, sealing, etc.).


Mini-blind Service

Our mini-blind cleaners will come to your facility, remove the blinds, wash them on a truck mounted machine, dry them, and re-install them.

About Day Porter Services

Some companies operate in multiple shifts. Their kitchens and restrooms are used constantly and require constant care. Not to mention that the manufacturing operation (warehouse) requires maintenance throughout the shifts.

If this sounds familiar, a simple cleaning crew at the end of the day may not be the answer. You may be in need of a day porter.

Usually the maintenance routine is directed by the client, however, we do have a check list that we may suggest and implement. Just think of it as a janitor that blends in with your employees, without having him on your payroll (taxes & insurances).

One Source will provide the necessary equipment and supplies to do their job at no additional expense to the client.

About Construction Clean-Up

When a General Contractor completes the build out of a new facility, they find that the sub-contractors are not as tidy as you’d expect them to be.

That’s were One Source comes in. We handle all the cleaning details, enabling you to come in, plug in your phones and computers, and get to work.

We dust, vacuum, mop, wipe down, disinfect, remove any debris, and wash glass and mirrors. If there is any vinyl flooring, we’ll seal and wax.

As I said, all you need to do is plug in phones and computers.

Restroom Supplies & Maintenance

We believe in being a one-stop shopping center.

This makes it convenient for our clients as far as billing is concerned.

We also monitor the usage. If your consumption suddenly increases, you’ll be the first to know.

By virtue of the fact that we purchase supplies (toilet tissue, paper towels, seat covers, hand soap, etc.) for numerous clients, we have buying power. So we can offer the savings to you, not to mention the serendipity that comes along with it.

If you purchase products from One Source, we will repair or replace any dispenser that malfunctions.

About Parking Lot Sweeping

Our crews will arrive late at night or very early in the morning with the sweeper (truck).

It sweeps and vacuums dirt and debris.
The crew consists of two techs.
  • One drives the sweeper,
  • while the other uses a blower to clean the areas that the sweeper can’t access.

About Mini-Blind Cleaning

We will dispatch a crew that is specifically dedicated to washing mini-blinds.

Using a truck-mounted washer, our crew will follow a proven process to get your mini-blinds clean:

We Remove Your Blinds:

We will carefully remove your blinds and transport them to our truck where we have a rack for cleaning them.

We Wash Them in the Parking Lot:

Your blinds are washed while mounted on our truck in the parking lot. That way, we aren’t putting your floors and offices at risk while we clean them, and we are out of the way during the cleaning process.

We Dry Them:

Your blinds are completely dried long before we re-install them. You won’t have wet blinds dripping on your floor, desk, or shelves.

We Apply a Dust Repellent:

Applying a dust repellent helps keep your blinds from gathering dust between washing, which keeps them looking nicer as well.

We Re-install Your Blinds:

Finally, once your blinds are clean, dry, and coated with our dust repellent, we will dismount them from our truck and carefully re-install them for you.

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